multifunktionale Agroforstsysteme

Für die weitere dringend nötige zukünftige Gestaltung – derzeit unter Schlagwort #WithdrawTheCAP – dringend zu ergänzen.

Y4A – CAP Com Package (bis 22.10.2020)

Youth for Agroecology

Our Actions for a More Sustainable, Resilient & Inclusive Agriculture in Europe

Youth for Agroecology is an initiative led by two organizations: Generation Climate Europe & Ymmediat. We run an awareness campaign called Are You Connected, and aim to influence the Common Agricultural Policy that our representatives at the European Parliament will vote upon on October 19th and 20th.

There are 4 ways to influence the CAP as a young person:

  1. Sign and share our petition developed with senior NGOs: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese as from today.
  2. Add your name as a signatory (here) to support Youth for Agroeocology’s list of amendments to the CAP. It’s better if you do so before we send this list to the members of parliament on October 9th.  
  3. Share our 5 Key Amendments to the CAP [a]with the MEPs via Twitter, especially on October 12th, 13th and 14th before they table the final list of amendments! You can prioritize the amendments you feel the more aligned to.
  4. Participate in our e-action to storm the members of Parliament right with emails and Tweets before the vote on October 19th. Stay tuned with our Twitter.

In all your communications on social media, you can tag our Twitter (@ayc_campaign), @Ymmediat, @ClimateEurope so we can give your tweets some love!

Other platforms:

Generation Climate Europe:

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Social media handles:

Credits to the Food Policy Coalition.

Twitter posts:

  • Ideas for Twitter posts

You can choose extracts from our list of amendments (LINK) and create a rhetorical question:

[Extract from amendment]. @MEP1 @MEP2 @MEP3 #AreYouConnected to the Youth? Act for a better #FutureofCAP now!

Listen to the European Youth 📢! @MEP1 @MEP2 @MEP3 We need you to act for a better #FutureofCAP now!

#YouthForAgroecology now.

It is time for change. Help us to make the voice of 20M young Europeans heard in the @Europarl_EN. #YouthForAgroecology urges you @MEP1 @MEP2 @MEP3

@MEP1 @MEP2 @MEP3, @ayc_campaign #YouthForAgroecology told you what 20M young Europeans want their farming system to look like. Act now. #AreYouConnected?

@MEPs, help us to ensure the transmission of sustainable agricultural knowledge to the youth to reach food security in an eco-responsible way! Vote for agroecology, vote for the #YouthForAgroecology, vote for the #FutureofCAP!

@MEPs, please make sure to change CAP for a mixed-farming system in the EU: it is more resilient, more sustainable and more adjusted to climate-change than what we have now #AreYouConnected?

  • Retweet posts of the @ayc-campaign

Banners/Post images:

They refer to the name of our campaign “Are You Connected”, to play with the idea that politicians should be more concerned about / “connected to” the youth, and to our agricultural model. Feel free to use them!

You can download them here

Hashtags: #FutureOfCAP, #YouthforAgroecology, #AreYouConnected

Tags European Parliament:

  • Groups and general EP accounts: @TheProgressives @RenewEurope @EPPGroup @GreensEFA @EP_Agriculture @EP_Environment
  • Relevant MEPs to target: goal is to put maximum pressure on the S&D (Socialist & Democrats) and Renew Europe (Liberals). Preferably tag MEPs of your country.

multifunktionale Agroforstsysteme:

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